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Southeast Arizona Birding Trip 5, Final Episode

  For all of you just signing up to follow our birding adventures, you may want to catch up with Southeast Arizona Birding Trip 1, Southeast Arizona Birding Trip 2,  Southeast Arizona Birding Trip 3 and Southeast Arizona Birding Trip 4. Now….on with the … Continue reading

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Baja birders go to Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de la Laguna

Debbie and I are on our way to the Biosphere.  Beautiful cool sunny day.  We leave Los Barriles at daylight, soon passing the fruit stands in San Bartolo.  The turn-off is just past the bridge over Agua Blanco.  Turning left … Continue reading


First time up the arroyo this season brings joy to these Baja Birders.

The San Bartolo arroyo has always been one of our favorite birding      areas in Los Barriles.   We took our first quad ride of the year up the valley to find good news and some surprises.  Along with the … Continue reading