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Our regular Baja birds are coming back!

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A few weeks ago we weren’t’ seeing our regular backyard birds we see in Baja. You know, the songsters that Chris has in his book, “Birds We See in Baja California Sur, Mexico“. It is with great pleasure we welcome … Continue reading

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Where to bird today? How about a Baja backyard birding adventure!

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Sometimes it’s nice to take a “breather” and just spend some time at home.  Today, me and my sweetheart Debbie, decided to hang out on the south patio, have some iced tea and shoot whatever birds we see.  Well how … Continue reading

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Baja birding in San Jose de Cabo

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    This is probably going to be the longest post I have ever made.  So if you start falling asleep keep in mind there will be some x rated shots at the end of the blog.  No fair cheating and scrolling … Continue reading

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Birding in Baja has been pretty slim pickins.

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    And I’m not talking about the famous Country Star, Slim Pickins.   I’m talking about the slim pickins when it comes to seeing birds in Baja this season. This is one of our Baja birds we have not … Continue reading

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