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Back amongst our Baja Birds

  What a pleasure it is to see our feathered Baja friends again.  Baja birds are so colorful and their behavior is unmatched. This morning we observed the Hooded Orioles mating.   Something we had seen before but never in … Continue reading


Gila Woodpecker

The male Gila Woodpecker has a small red cap.  The female and juveniles look similar to the male but lack the red cap.  They all have prominent white wing patches visible in flight. Gilas are hole nesters.  They peck holes … Continue reading

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Books on birds in Baja California Sur, Mexico

  If you are like me, scanning the internet for books on what interest me, which most are hard to find bird books or books on birds with great photography, you’ll see why author C.E. Llewellyn decided to write and … Continue reading

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Birds we see in Baja

  are also often found in other places in North America.  This Cactus Wren was photographed building a nest in a Cholla cactus at Red Rock Canyon, Arizona.  Many Baja residents know these birds very well.  Cactus Wrens are at … Continue reading

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Birding Winnebago style.

In October(2011) we ventured to some western states in our Winnebago. Debbie calls the coach the Kittybago. The deciding reason to buy the RV was to enable Chica(kitty) to come along with us birding,(or us to come along with her).Following … Continue reading


Baja California Sur, Mexico

is an astonishing place.  At a glance a person might think this harsh-looking land couldn’t sustain much wildlife.  Baja’s fauna is both diverse and fragile.  The birds are absolutely incredible!  Look closely at these photos and you will see a … Continue reading

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Yellow-rumped Warblers

are some our most numerous Warblers in Baja.  Breeding males are dull bluish above with black streaks.  Breast and sides black.  We see these birds in large, chirping flocks, usually near a source of fresh water.     I think … Continue reading

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Great Christmas Gift

  Well, whoever said writing a book was easy didn’t market it! We’ve been trying to get Chris’ newly released birding book Birds We See, in Baja California Sur, Mexico out so people can take advantage of this great Christmas … Continue reading

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Western Meadowlarks

are robin-sized birds, streaked brown above, yellow below with a bold V on the breast.   These wonderful songsters, with rich flute-like voices fill meadows, plains and prairies with a jumble of gurgling notes.

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Working on avatars

We are working on getting our avatars, of course they are bird shots we have taken in our travels to Africa and Baja California Sur, MX. I chose the Lilac Breasted Roller that we were fortunate enough to see whilst … Continue reading

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The legend of Face Rock

Many, many years ago, the legend begins, Chief Siskiyou from the far mountains traveled with his family and other clansmen to the coast to trade goods with the four tribes who lived by the sea they called Wecoma. In his … Continue reading

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Sunrise at Palmas de Cortez

is a beautiful thing. What a way to start the day! Brown Pelicans are some of the most entertaining seabirds to observe. These stalky birds glide in long lines always taking advantage of the wind’s currents. Diving in the sea, … Continue reading

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Work in progress

Hi everyone, We are working on this website so please be patient with us. It’s something that we are working on together so we are kind of stumbling through and trying to get a feel of what exactly it is … Continue reading

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The Common Murre

This is a crow-sized diving bird of the mainland coasts. They breed in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic coasts south to central California on the pacific side and on the east coast to the Gulf of Saint lawrence. Nesting on high … Continue reading

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