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June 2011 – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

Month: June 2011

August 05, 2011 Birds we see

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female Northern Cardinal
Along with my lovely wife Debbie, I live in Los Barriles, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico half of the year. Birds are our thing. I am, as we speak, publishing a soon to be marketed book entitled “Birds We See” Subtitled: in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our web site is BirdsWeSee.com. To purchase this book go to www.xlibris.com/bookstore or call 888-795-4274. My plan for this blog is to share our original photos of birds we see in the arroyos, estuaries, deserts, sea shores and back-yard feeders in Baja Sur along with a little descriptive info that birders may find interesting. The bird for today is The Northern Cardinal.

Northern Cardinals rebounded in population here on the East Cape after having their numbers hammered by Hurricane John in 2006. The mostly non-migratory Northern Cardinals are once again back on duty with all the other birds entertaining us with song and beauty. They are also feeding on the insects that bugged us day and night for a couple of years after John. These are the state bird of 7 U.S. states, more than any other bird. Female Cardinals can be distinguished from similar looking female Pyrrhuloxias by the shape of their bills. The Pyrrhuloxia’s being more parrot-like. Northern Cardinals are about 8″ long and feed on seeds, berries and insects.

female Pyrrhuloxia: